Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ni yang rasa nak apply keje lain...!!!

nasib la dapat "i-know-who" camtu..geram!!

ingat cakap kat aku "...cepat,cepat sket",tu baguih sangat la..!! tensen aku,da macam aku ni hamba abdi dia plak. kalu kot yer pun aku ni cam watak menempel jer, takan nak discriminate sgt camtu. if i dun speak up, doesn't mean i don't contribute. if i choose to be silent, doesn't mean i know nothing.

some people are judging from what they see and from their own perspective,but world is is more than that. its just that i choose not to say anything, because my knowledge is limited, my experience is not that much in that particular area.if you want people to recognize you, you need to be sparkled but..sparkling like diamond or sparkling like choose!!

ada faham......?????